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Asset Tracking Internal Antenna - Cell/GPS-Wedge

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The Hexband Microblade antenna keeps track of your fleet while providing 5 radio frequency options

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Laird Technologies GPS antennas are low profile, high performance and cost-effective solutions for all mobile communications. The Hexband Microblade Internal GPS antenna's small size offers covert installation options for fleet, logistics, utility and public safety applications. The versatile multiband solution transmits AMPS, DCS, GSM, PCS, and UMTS frequency voice and data. The antenna is available in 3 or 5 volt models.

Laird Technologies Telematics product business unit is a leading supplier of mobile antenna solutions for OEM Automotive, asset tracking and consumer electronics industries. Products include cellular antennas (AMPS, GSM, DCS, PCS, UMTS), GPS antennas, entertainment antennas (AM/FM, DAB, DVB-T, HD-RADIO, TV), mobile communication antennas (BLUETOOTH, DSRC, RKE, TPMS, WIFI, WiMAX), satellite communication antennas (GLOBALSTAR, IRIDIUM, ORBCOMM), satellite radio antennas (SIRIUS, WORLDSPACE, XM), battery packs and customized solutions.

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Cable Length

GPS Connector

Cell Connector

63708 3 V 17 ft. SMA SMA
GPST-5V 5 V 17 ft. SMA SMA
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