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Bluetooth® Enhanced Data Module - BTM44x

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The BTM44x series Bluetooth® modules from Laird Technologies have been designed to meet the needs of developers who wish to add robust, short-range Bluetooth data connectivity to their products. They are based on the market-leading Cambridge Silicon Radio BC04 chipset, providing exceptionally low power consumption with outstanding range. These modules support the latest Bluetooth Version 2.1 Specification, providing the important advantage of Secure Simple Pairing, which improves security and enhances the ease of use for end customers. In addition to Serial Port Profile, the BTM44x series features a number of additional features and profiles not found on other Bluetooth modules.

With a small footprint of 12.5 x 18.0 mm and best-of-class, low-power operation, these modules are the ideal choice for applications where designers need both performance and minimum size. For maximum flexibility in systems integration, the modules are designed to support a separate power supply for I/O.

To aid product development and integration, Laird Technologies has integrated a complete Bluetooth protocol stack within the modules, including support for multi-point connections and numerous Bluetooth profiles, and are fully qualified as Bluetooth End Products, allowing designers to integrate them within their own products with no further Bluetooth Qualification.

Support for Serial Port Profile (SPP), Human Interface Device (HID) profile and Health Device Profile (HDP) are included in the module. The support of the Bluetooth Sig’s Health Device Profile makes this the ideal module for development of Continua compliant medical and wellness devices. By default the Health Device Profile supports the ISO/IEEE 11073-10415 device specialization for weigh scales, but additional specializations can be made available upon request.

Communication is available to the module over a serial UART utilizing either a custom Multi-point Packet Protocol API or comprehensive AT commands. Combined with a low cost developer’s kit, this ensures that the choice of Laird Technologies Bluetooth modules guarantees the fastest route to market.

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Max. Range

Data Rates

Operating Temperature Range

BTM44x Version 2.1+EDR 2.402 - 2.480 GHz Up to 30 meters Up to 2.1 mbps -30 to +85 ºC
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