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Asset Tracking Device - Track Platform

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Designed to be the most cost-effective asset tracking hardware available, Laird Technologies’ Asset Tracking Device is a customizable platform creating limitless options for customers in many vehicle tracking markets.

Laird Technologies’ Asset Tracking Device is cellular-based and features a chip-level GPS receiver. Connected to the vehicle through the OBDII port, its small size and low cost make it an ideal discrete and customizable hardware solution for most vehicle tracking markets. Laird Technologies’ integrated design includes GPS and cellular antennas that are tuned for harsh vehicle environments and out perform other out-of-the-box antenna solutions. With download-over-the-air capability, this device can be installed in a vehicle without removal concern.

To support and benchmark hardware development, Laird has created a unique software solution that will allow customers to better understand device performance in multiple environments and in real time. In conjunction with Laird’s world class design and test ranges, evaluating the Laird Asset Tracking Device is simple with the Laird Customer Asset Reception Evaluation System.

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item-7676 2 inches 2 inches 0.5 inches Battery Backup -160 dBm
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