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2.4-2.5 GHz. 4 dBi, Bi-Directional Ceiling Mount Panel Antenna

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Laird Technologies’s Bi-directional ceiling mount panel antenna is designed to offer systems integrators a bi-directional pattern characteristic in a low profile, ceiling mountable package. The antenna exhibits 4 dBi of gain and can be easily and inconspicuously mounted to any ceiling surface.

The antenna housing is molded from an off-white, finely textured UV stabile thermoplastic which can be painted to custom color match to various ceiling surface colors. The standard coax pigtail length is 12” and the standard connector is N female. Alternative coax cable lengths and connector types are available.

Standard applications include offices, healthcare facilities, shopping complexes, transportation terminals, educational campuses, hallways and tunnels.

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Gain (Bi-Directional)




RF Connector

SQ2405DD12NF 2400 to 2500 MHz 4 dBi 1.5:1 Linear vertical 10 watts Type N (Female)