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S9026HVP PCS Dual Polarized Single Patch Antenna

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Laird Technologies' S9026HVP antenna is one of our 900 MHz series of PCS patch antennas which provides for simultaneous reception and transmission of both vertically and horizontally polarized signals in the 902 - 928 MHz frequency band. The antenna consists of a single broadband microstrip patch which provides a minimum of 6 dBi peak gain with a nominal 60 degree half power beamwidth in both polarizations. The S9026HVP has a VSWR of 2.0:1 maximum on 50 ohms impedance.

The S9026HVP is housed in a rugged low profile, UV stable polycarbonate radome which is weather resistant for outdoor applications. Standard models of the S9026HVP are white in color with a textured finish. Custom configurations of radome finish, color and texture can be provided to complement and blend within any environment.

A variety of standard and custom mounting configurations are available. The mounting configurations can provide fixed or variable pointing angle. The RF input connector and/or cable combination may be specified by the customer.

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RF Connector

S9026HVP PCS 902 to 926 MHz 50 ohms Linear Horizontal
Linear vertical
6 dBi Type N Receptacle