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Squint™ ISM Ceiling/Surface Mount Dipole Antenna

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Laird Technologies recently engineered an omnidirectional Squint™ ISM band patch antenna with a 3.5 dBi dipole like pattern shape and ceiling mount feature which provides an extremely low profile for minimum visual impact. This antenna provides for reception and transmission in the 2400-2500 MHz frequency band. The radiation pattern has a 50 degree beamwidth with the maximum directed at 45 degrees from the horizontal plane. A key feature of the Squint™ antenna is the use of a unique air dielectric design called MicroAir™. MicroAir™ eliminates the losses associated with etched circuit boards and provides higher performance. Measuring only 4 3/32” x 4 3/32” x 7/8” (10.4 x 10.4 x 2.2 cm), this ultracompact, high performance antenna provides coverage for large indoor open spaces, locations with high ceilings, and many places where extended coverage is needed. The total weight of the antenna is 4 ounces (114 grams). The antenna housing is vacuum thermoplastic. Standard models are white in color with a formed out of textured finish. Custom configurations of radome finish, color and texture can be provided to complement and blend within any environment, making it an ideal solution to meet the most demanding aesthetic requirements in today's workplace environments. Each Squint™ has a VSWR of 1:5:1 on 50 ohms impedance and comes with a standard 1-foot plenum coax and N-female connector, additional connector and coax configurations are available upon request. The mounting system installs to build out seamless microcellular and picocellular cell sites quickly and efficiently. Applications for Squint™ include wireless telephone booths, industrial complexes, office environments, shopping malls, parking garages, airports, hospitals, campus settings and more.

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RF Connector

SQ2403PG12NF ISM 2400 to 2500 MHz 50 ohms 3.5 dBi Linear N (Female)