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5.150 - 5.875 GHz Wide Band Antenna

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Laird Technologies’s S51514WP12SMF antenna provides wide-band and high-gain performance in the 5.150 to 5.875 GHz band. These characteristics give system integrators a single antenna that can be used in a wide variety of point-to-point and point-to-multipoint applications. Its wide bandwidth capability covers UNI I, II, and III frequencies, and worldwide WLAN standards, as well. This attractive unit is enclosed in a UV-stable weatherproof radome housing, and is suitable for indoor and outdoor use. It comes equipped with an articulating mount, and hardware, that allows wall or pole mounting, and also provides the capability to customize the antenna pattern tilt in both the E-plane and H-plane.

The deployment of WLAN is increasing in the 5-GHz band, and regulating authorities are responding by allocating additional frequencies. Integrators and end users will appreciate the fact that this antenna offers high performance whether a narrow frequency range, or the entire band, is being utilized in a particular application. Over time, as existing applications and services migrate from narrow to wide frequency coverage, this antenna offers users a "future proof" solution.

The standard antenna comes with a 12-inch low-loss coaxial pigtail and SMA female connector. Alternative coax cable lengths and connector types are also available.

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S51514WP12SMF Wideband 5.150 to 5.875 GHz Linear vertical Mast
Wall Mount
10 watts SMA (female)