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5.15-5.35 GHz, 11 dBi, 120º Wide Angle Coverage Directional Antennas

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Laird Technologies’s 11 dBi gain, 120 degree “Wide H-plane” sectored antenna offers the systems integrator both an antenna for use with sectorized base stations and a wide area coverage directional antenna for use where a wide directional pattern characteristic would be preferable to an omnidirectional pattern characteristic. Enclosed in an attractive UV-stable weatherproof radome, it is both attractive enough to satisfy indoor aesthetic requirements and rugged enough to withstand outdoor exposures.

Anywhere from one to three of the 120 degree sectored antennas can be deployed at a base station site depending on the area coverage that is called for and single antennas can be mounted to a wall or mast to provide wide area directional coverage. An articulating mount can be used to mount the antenna to a mast and can also be used to customize the antenna pattern tilt whether mounting to a mast or a wall surface. The design is both electrically and mechanically robust ensuring a lifetime of stable, trouble-free service and predictable, reliable, consistent performance.

The standard antenna comes with a 12-inch low-loss coaxial pigtail and SMA female connector. Alternative coax cable lengths and connector types are also available.

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RF Connector

SR51120D12SMF 5.15 to 5.35 GHz 11 dBi Linear vertical Mast
Wall Mount
5 watts SMA (female)