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C-Fold Shaped Gaskets

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Laird Technologies specializes in quick turnaround of custom shapes and sizes of EMI shielding gaskets. If you don’t find exactly what you need, our engineers will help you design the right solution to your shielding problem.

A sampling for standard profiles are shown; custom configurations and sizes can be designed to meet your specific requirements.


  • Shielding effectiveness of >100dB across a wide spectrum offrequencies (MIL-STD 285 mod.) (See Shielding Effectiveness chart under More Images).
  • Extremely low compression forces allow for use of lightermaterials (See Force Displacement Resistance chart under More Image).
  • Low Surface Resistivity of <0.07 ohms/squareprovides improved conductivity (ASTM F390).
  • Wide range of flame retardant gaskets available(UL recognized per UL94 V0 or UL94 HB). UL yellow cardsavailable on request.
  • Abrasion resistant metallized fabrics show virtually no degradationin shielding performance after 1,000,000 cycles (ASTMD3886).
  • Urethane & Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE) cores provide lowcompression set ensuring long-term reliability of gasketperformance. Contact Engineering for profile specific data.
  • Service temperatures from -40°F to 158°F(-40°C to 70°C).
  • Available in Nickel/Copper (Ni/Cu) and Tin/Copper (Sn/Cu) toensure galvanic compatibility with a wide variety of host materials.Both versions display no significant performance degradationafter environmental exposure per the Accelerated AgingTest (ASTM B845).
  • Prototype samples can be provided quickly utilizing laser technology,CAD/CAM equipment, and customer supplied drawingsin DWG®, DXF®, IGS, PRT®, DRW®, STP®, and CT® file formats.
  • Profile and I/O gaskets are available with a variety of pressuresensitive adhesive (PSA) tapes, including Easy Peel® with extrawide release liner to facilitate quick assembly.
  • Profile gaskets can be cut to specified lengths,kiss-cut on release liner, or mitered to formframe configurations.
  • Fabric-Over-Foam gaskets are RoHS compliant.

Item #

Item Name



Dimension L1

Dimension L2

4593 C-Fold Shaped Gaskets 0.250 inches
6.4 mm
0.280 inches
7.1 mm
0.125 inches
3.2 mm
0.060 inches
1.5 mm
4168 C-Fold Shaped Gaskets 0.315 inches
8.0 mm
0.315 inches
8.0 mm
0.080 inches
2.0 mm
0.080 inches
2.0 mm
4198 C-Fold Shaped Gaskets 0.385 inches
9.8 mm
0.420 inches
10.7 mm
0.115 inches
2.9 mm
0.060 inches
1.5 mm
4243 C-Fold Shaped Gaskets 0.400 inches
10.2 mm
0.430 inches
10.9 mm
0.125 inches
3.2 mm
0.060 inches
1.5 mm
4600 C-Fold Shaped Gaskets 0.415 inches
10.5 mm
0.450 inches
11.4 mm
0.135 inches
3.4 mm
0.650 inches
1.7 mm
4529 C-Fold Shaped Gaskets 0.465 inches
11.8 mm
0.420 inches
10.7 mm
0.115 inches
2.9 mm
0.060 inches
1.5 mm
4697 C-Fold Shaped Gaskets 0.675 inches
17.1 mm
0.590 inches
15.0 mm
0.165 inches
4.2 mm
0.156 inches
4.0 mm
4703 C-Fold Shaped Gaskets 0.947 inches
24.1 mm
0.550 inches
14.0 mm
0.157 inches
4.0 mm
0.170 inches
4.3 mm


·  Shielding Effectiveness

·  Product Image - C Folded Shaped Dimentional Drawing

·  Force Displacement Resistance