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EcoGreen™ Shields

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Laird Technologies is pleased to introduce the next generation in RoHS compliant EMI shielding technology. Presently all of Laird Technologies’ Fabric-Over-Foam EMI gaskets are RoHS compliant. Laird Technologies is proactively strengthening our compliancy by engineering EcoGreen™ shields that are halogen-free. Not only are the patented EcoGreen™ shields environmentally friendly, but they also offer high EMI shielding effectiveness, extremely low compression forces, abrasion resistant metalized fabrics, large service temperature ranges and multiple profile/gasket options. Since Laird Technologies' shields are flame retardant, the shields pass the stringent UL94-V0 burn test.

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Item Name


Metal Coating



51G Fabric Ripstop Ni/Cu <0.07 ohms/square N/A
51H Fabric Taffeta Ni/Cu <0.07 ohms/square N/A
51N Fabric Knit Mesh Ni/Cu <0.10 ohms/square N/A
item-7709 Foam Urethane (Polyester) N/A N/A Charcoal
item-7710 Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Acrylic N/A N/A N/A
EcoShear EMI Gaskit Fabric Ripstop Ni/Cu <0.07 ohms/square N/A