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Printed Circuit Board Shields

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Laird Technologies’ standard board level shields and contacts offer readily available, low-cost EMI shield and contact alternatives to custom designed solutions. Yet, you can still expect custom attention in terms of high quality and service. We offer a variety of sizes and designs to choose from, so you can count on finding a product that will deliver the results your project requires. However, should your choice not fully fit your space requirement constraints, we can modify any one our standard designs.

Our standard shields and contacts are available in a wide range of material choices, and all allow for full solderability. Standard shield offerings incorporate proprietary design criteria for maximum performance and are available in one-piece and two-piece designs. Laird Technologies’ standard contacts base materials include beryllium-copper, phosphor bronze, nickel and stainless steel. They offer many plating options to allow for maximum electrical current carrying performance.Other heights and custom-designed cover configurations available.

Item #

Item Name

Dimension A

Dimension B

Dimension C

Dimension D

Dimension E

Approx. Length

97-860 Printed Circuit Board Shields 0.52 inches 0.045 inches 0.12 inches 0.03 inches 0.40 inches 25 ft.
97-866 Printed Circuit Board Shields 0.82 inches 0.045 inches 0.12 inches 0.03 inches 0.70 inches 25 ft.
97-870 Printed Circuit Board Shields 1.12 inches 0.045 inches 0.12 inches 0.03 inches 1.00 inches 25 ft.


·  Typical Mounting Configuration

·  Dimensional Drawing