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Ez Peel Standard Shields

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Laird Technologies offers four standard sizes of EZ Peel removable cover board level shields.These patented shields have a solid top, scored to allow peel-off when access to board level components within the shield is required.

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The peel-off feature prevents damage to the board and components by eliminating the need for labor intensive de-soldering, which can often result in increased scrap. Peeling off the cover is accomplished by using a small starter hole for simple removal.This hand operation requires minimal force using a hook scriber or tweezers.

After repair, replacement or adjustment of internal components, the shield can be resealed using a replacement cover.Laird Technologies offers two replacement cover options: a snap-in cover and a dish cover.

The snap-in cover utilizes a lance and hole design.The replacement cover snaps into place and locks into a lance feature on the frame of the original shield.

The other option is a dish cover that gets soldered into place on the board.The dish shape allows for self-location of the cover for soldering.All of our standard EZ Peel board level shields can be packaged in tape and reel formats for easy SMT installation using conventional pick-and-place equipment. The four standard sizes are also available without the EZ Peel (scored) feature.

Item #

Item Name

Replacement Lid Options (Snap-In LID No.)

Replacement Lid Options (Dish Lid No.)

97-2002 Ez Peel Standard Shields 97-2007 97-2014
97-2003 Ez Peel Standard Shields 97-2006 97-2013
97-2004 Ez Peel Standard Shields N/A 97-2016
97-2005 Ez Peel Standard Shields 97-2008 97-2015


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