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97-2000 Shields

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The 97-2000 series allow you mounting options that include various pin styles for through-hole mounting or pad styles for surface mounting. The frame material forms the walls of the enclosure, and the cover is held securely in place by spring force alone. The cover can be easily removed and replaced to provide access to the components. Large or small quantities can be easily manufactured using our automated tooling, short run capabilities or photochemical machining operations.


  • 97-2000 frame heights from 0.130" (3.3 mm) to 1" (25.4 mm), with other heights available upon request
  • Cover design permits retention even when severe shock or vibration are a consideration; cover was specifically designed for easy removal and replacement
  • Design allows for automated pick-and-place operations
  • Locking feature on frame guarantees corner joint stability
  • Wide variety of pin style options, including a surface mountable style. Pin location can be to your customized hole location or a defined pitch
  • Frames can be hand-formed or can be supplied formed and with cover assembled
  • A modified pin style is available for extra retention in through hole application

Item #

Item Name

Frame Height(Under Cover Height Range)

Frame Height(Under Cover Height Range)

Pin Option

pn-2118 97-2000 Shields 0.130 to 1.000 inches 3.3 to 25.4 mm Flush Surface Mount
Surface Mount Tab
Through Hole
Through Hole with Standoff


·  Pin Styles

·  Performance Curve

·  Hole Pattern Layout,Pitch Selection Placement and Locking Feature