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Item # Tgrease 880S, Tgrease™ 880S

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Tgrease™ 880S is a silicone-based thermal grease for use in high performance CPUs and GPUs. With a high thermal conductivity of 2.8 W/mK (without solvent), Tgrease™ 880S thoroughly wets out thermal surfaces to create very low thermal resistance. Tgrease™ 880S is RoHS compliant.

Tgrease™ 880S is a slightly adjusted formulation of Tgrease™ 880. The slight adjustment temporarily lowers the viscosity to make mixing and application easier without changing the in-use formulation or performance of the grease.

Tgrease™ 880S is supplied in one-half kilogram and one kilogram containers.

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Test Method - Color



2.7 g/cc


<100,000 cps

Thermal Conductivity

2.8 W/m-K

Test Method - Thermal Conductivity

Hot Disk

Test Method - Thermal Resistance

ASTM D5470 (modified)


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