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Item # 7553a, GPS Antenna + Receiver

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The GPS Antenna + Receiver provides total navigation data input solution

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Laird Technologies GPS Antenna + Receiver provides a USB or PS2 compatible input solution for multiple navigation applications. Measuring only 61 x 51 x 9.25 mm, the low-profile waterproof antenna and receiver unit installs easily on vehicles.

Laird Technologies Telematics product business unit is a leading supplier of mobile antenna solutions for OEM Automotive, asset tracking and consumer electronics industries. Products include cellular antennas (AMPS, GSM, PCS, UMTS), GPS antennas, entertainment antennas (AM/FM, DAB, DVB-T, HD-RADIO, TV), mobile communication antennas (BLUETOOTH, DSRC, RKE, TPMS, WIFI, WiMAX), satellite communication antennas (GLOBALSTAR, IRIDIUM, ORBCOMM), satellite radio antennas (SIRIUS, WORLDSPACE, XM), battery packs and customized solutions.

GPS Antenna  · GPS Receiver  · RF Input  · Power Supply  · Serial Interface  · Specifications  · Signal Interference  · Software Interface  · Receiver Frequency  · Module Pin-Out  · Mechanical Specifications  · Features and Benefits  · Applications

GPS Antenna

Acquisition Performance (Open Sky) - Cold Start TIFF

< 35s

Acquisition Performance (Open Sky) - Hot Start TTFF

< 1s

Position Accuracy (Autonomous)

< 10m

Position Accuracy (SBAS)

< 5m

Passive Peak Gain (dBil/dBic)

2.0 dBi-, 40 deg - 90 deg

GPS Receiver


After 48 hours at 85ºC ± 2ºC 85%, relative humidity non-condensing

Operating Temperature

-30 to 85 °C

Storage Temperature

-30 to 85 ºC

Tracking Sensitivity

-159 dBm

RF Input


50 ohms


L1 (1575.42 MHz)

Noise Figure

1.35 dB

Return Loss

-10 dB

Signal Level

-159 to -110 dBm

Power Supply

Typical Current

30 mA

Max. Current

-40 mA

Voltage (DC)

3.0 to 3.3 V

Serial Interface

Serial Interface

TTL level UART(s)

Supported Data Formats and Bit Rates

The Laird Technologies GPS module has NMEA 4800 baud, 8 bit, no parity, 1 stop bit standard output can be changed to SiRF binary and different data rates according to SiRF specification.
SiRF boot mode is supported.


Receive Sensitivity

-159 dBm

Signal Interference

Digital Interference Levels (VIH)1

0.7 Vdd to Vdd+0.3V

Digital Interference Levels (VIL)2

-0.3 V to 0.3 Vdd

Digital Interference Levels (VOH)

0.75 Vdd (min)

Digital Interference Levels (VOL)

0.25 Vdd (max)
1 Vdd = 2.8V - 2.9V (2.85 typical)
2 According to SiRFstarIII™ GPS Single Chip GSC3(f) Specification

Software Interface

NMEA Standard Output Messages


Receiver Frequency

TCXO Frequency

16.369 MHz

IF Frequency

3.996 MHz

Baseband Processor Clock Frequency

49.1 MHz

Module Pin-Out
Pin Name Description
1 ANT Connect to external antenna
2 GND Ground
3 GND Ground
4 GND Ground
5 GND Ground
6 NC  
7 NC  
8 NC  
9 GND Ground
10 NC  
11 NC  
12 GND Ground
13 SCLK System Clock (out)
14 TXA UARTA - TX (TTL level)
15 NC  
16 RXA UARTA - RX (TTL level)
17 RESET. External reset (on board supervisor/normal unconnected)
18 GND Ground
19 VCC 3V - 3.3V supply volyage
20 NC  
21 /BOOT(ED0) GSC boot mode preset (open for normal oper.)
24 NC  
25 GND Ground
26 GND Ground
27 GND Ground
28 RTC XIN 32kHz RTC crystal XIN
29 RTC XOUT 32kHz RTC crystal XOUT
30 GND Ground
31 GND Ground
32 GND Ground

Mechanical Specifications

Dimensions (L x W x H)

61 x 51 x 9.25 mm

Radome Material

Black ASA

Cable Type

4 Conductor low impedance cable

Mounting Option

Magnetic Mount, Adhesive Tape, Velcro

Available Connectors


Cable Length

Multiple cable lengths available

Features and Benefits
  • Low-profile weatherproof design for mounting on the interior or exterior of the vehicle
  • Multiple mounting options including magnet mount, adhesive mount & Velcro
  • Features SiRFstarIII™ chip with exceptional sensitivity and accuracy

  • Applications
  • Ideal for fleet tracking, theft protection and self diagnostic systems
  • Fleet, logistics, utility and public safety agencies


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