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Item # Tpcm HP105 /, Tpcm™ HP105 Phase Change Material

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High Performance Phase Change Material Tpcm™ HP105 is a high performance phase change product with exceptionally low thermal resistance.

It has a softening range of approximately 50ºC to 60ºC. Proprietary technology prevents excessive pump-out after initial heat cycle. The material is naturally tacky and requires no adhesive coating or heatsink preheat for attachment.

Tpcm HP105 does not cure and can be easily removed without pulling the processor out of the socket. It is supplied in rolls with a top tabbed liner for easy manual or large volume automated applications.

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Construction and Composition

Non-reinforced boron nitride filled film


Off White

Test Method - Color



0.005 inches
0.125 mm

Thickness Tolerance

±0.001 inches
±0.025 mm


1.30 g/cc

Shelf Life

1 year

Temperature Range

-25 to 125 ºC

Phase Change Softening Range

50 to 60 ºC

Thermal Conductivity

0.73 W/m-K

Test Method - Thermal Conductivity

ASTM D5470 (modified)

Thermal Resistance at 10 psi

0.024 ºC-in2/W
0.150 ºC-cm2/W

Thermal Resistance at 50 psi

0.017 ºC-in2/W
0.110 ºC-cm2/W

Thermal Resistance at 100 psi

0.015 ºC-in2/W
0.100 ºC-cm2/W

Test Method - Thermal Resistance

ASTM D5470 (modified)

Volume Resistivity

3 x 1014 ohm-cm

Test Method - Volume Resistivity


Sheet Size

9 x 9 inches


MSDS Sheet
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Thermal Cycling Testing
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Directions For Use
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RoHS Test Report
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