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Item # CRX-150B, VHF Ringos - Ringo VHF Base Stations For 150-174 MHz and 220-222 MHz Omnidirectional Antenna

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Reliable, long life, and economical antennas

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These popular omnidirectional antennas have been selected for use with repeaters, talk-around systems, paging systems, security alarms, VHF dedicated systems, 220 trunking systems, and in such applications as police, fire, agricultural and hundreds of others requiring reliability, long life and economy. Field tunable and easy to install, they can be mounted on any vertical tubular support up to 1 1/4 inch (3.2 cm) diameter. Ringo, Ringo Ranger, and Ringo Ranger II can be shipped economically by UPS.

Ringo Ranger II, CRX-150B and CRX-220B, 6 dBi gain
Our most popular base station antenna is now available in the 220 MHz band. Both the CRX-220B (220-222 MHz) and the CRX-150B (150-174 MHz) feature a full 6 dB gain vs. a quarterwave antenna. The Ringo Ranger II is perfect for trunking or any other system where ease of installation, performance and economy are priorities.

Ringo Ranger, CRX-150 and CRX-220, 5 dBi gain
Field tunable and easily installed, the CRX-150 (150-174 MHz) and the CRX-220 (220-222 MHz) have 5 dB gain. Installation involves measuring the radiator length and tightening two clamps; the antenna is assembled just that easily. Add a simple adjustment of the tuning rod, and you're ready to go

Rugged Ringo CRS-150 and CRS-220, 2 dBi gain
Our Ringo is a single half-wave, end-fed antenna with a matching section featuring a ring inductor. With a frequency range of 150-174 MHz (CRS-150) or 220-222 MHz (CRS-220) and 2 dB gain, the Ringo is completely grounded. It is shipped with a fully assembled base section and requires only adjustment of the radiator tube and simple tuning to be operational. Ringos include stainless steel hardware and radiators fabricated from seamless aluminum tubing.

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150 to 174 MHz


7 dBi



3dB Beamwidth, E Plane

30 º


4 MHz


UHF (Female)


152 in
412 cm


7.0 lbs
3.2 kg

Wind Surface Area

1.40 m2
0.130 ft2

Wind Survival

80 mph
125 kph


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