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Item # Tgon 820, Tgon™ 800 Series Thermal Interface Material

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Tgon™ 800 is a high performance, cost effective thermal interface material.

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Tgon 800 is used where electrical isolation is not required. Tgon 800 can be further used where electrical contact along with thermal transfer are desired.

Its unique grain-oriented, plate like structure provides exceptional thermal performance. Tgon 800 can be supplied in 12" x 18" (305 mm x 457 mm) or 18" x 24" (457 mm x 610 mm) sheets, in rolls, or die cut to specific configurations.

Tgon 800 is available with proprietary pressure sensitive adhesive on one side.

This adhesive coating is the thinnest available, thereby minimizing any impact on thermal performance.

Tgon™ 800 sheets are supplied with no liners when ordered without adhesive. With adhesive they are supplied with no top liner and a white release liner on the bottom. Tgon™ 800 is available on rolls and individual die cut shapes.

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Construction and Composition

Flexible graphite



Test Method - Color



0.020 inches
0.510 mm

Thickness Tolerance

±0.002 inches
±0.050 mm


2.20 g/cc

Test Method - Density

Helium Pycnometer


85 Shore A

Test Method - Hardness

ASTM D2240

Tensile Strength

650 psi

Test Method - Tensile Strength


Outgassing TML

0.15 %

Test Method - Outgassing TML


Outgassing CVCM

0.09 %

Test Method - Outgassing CVCM


UL Flammability Rating

94 V0

Temperature Range

-240 to 300 ºC

Thermal Conductivity

5.00 W/m-K

Test Method - Thermal Conductivity

ASTM D5470 (modified)

Thermal Resistance at 100 psi

0.170 ºC-in2/W

Thermal Resistance at 681 KPa

1.07 ºC-cm2/W

Test Method - Thermal Resistance

ASTM D5470 (modified)

Volume Resistivity

11 x 10-5 ohm-cm

Test Method - Volume Resistivity


Dissipation Factor at 1 MHz


Sheet Sizes

12 x 18 inches
18 x 24 inches
305 x 457 mm
457 x 609.6 mm

Pressure Sensitive Adhesive

Adhesive on one side
Without Adhesive


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RoHS Test Report
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Electrical Resistance Study
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MSDS Sheet
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Thermal Resistance vs. Pressure
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