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Item # 28B0339-000, Broadband Solid Ferrite Cores for Round Cables and Wiring Harnesses

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Laird Technologies' Cylindrical EMI suppression ferrites provide a cost effective means of reducing common and differential mode EMI. These cores are most frequently used to suppress common mode EMI on the internal and external cable assemblies of electronic equipment. By decreasing the levels of EMI radiated by internal cables, ferrite cores can reduce the cost and amount of overall shielding required to confine EMI within a product's enclosure. They may also be successfully used on power cables that carry digital or analog signaling. To achieve maximum EMI filtering performance in a given application, select a ferrite with an inner diameter most closely matching the outer diameter of the wire or wire bundle to be filtered. The in-circuit impedance may be substantially increased by passing 2 turns of the wire conductor through the ferrite core. A typical common mode application might have two conductors passed through a ferrite core. With equal and opposite currents flowing through the core, zero net bias is established through the component, and maximum impedance is thus realized from the ferrite.

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Figure Number


Typical Z Ohms at 25 MHz


Nominal Z Ohms at 100 MHz


Typical Z Ohms at 300 MHz


Dimension A

8.60 mm
0.339 in

Dimension B

3.80 mm
0.150 in

Dimension C

10.00 mm
0.394 in

Material Type

Broad Band Material

Product Type Code

Round Cylindrical Cores

Part Size Code


Additional Description

Standard Part


·  Impedance Curves


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