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Microwave Absorbing Foam

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RFRET - Convoluted, Uniform & Graded Coating Reticulated Foam

RFRET is reticulated foam absorber. Reticulated foam is a urethane-based foam with a well-defined open-cell structure. The cell size can be chosen to optimize penetration of the conductive coating to which it is adhered. R&F uses two separate processes to produce its reticulated foam absorber. Our unique spray process applies a coating that is graded through the thickness of the foam. The grading of the coating also produces an electrical grading that results in a material with excellent broadband reflectivity reduction.

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RFLS - Single Layer “LOSSY” Sheets

RFLS is a series of single layer “lossy” sheets produced by dipping lightweight open-celled urethane foam into a resistive solution. The end product is a uniform, lightweight, loaded sheet material with a specified insertion loss at a given frequency.

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RFRIGID - Structural Microwave Absorbing Foam

R & F manufactures a structural foam family with microwave absorbing properties. It is based on the RFRET reticulated foam absorber. RFRET is an excellent free-space absorber, but lacks toughness and environmental resistance.