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Omnidirectional Antennas

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Diversity Omnidirectional Antenna

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Laird Technologies' integrated diversity antenna designs feature two separate 2 dBi omnidirectional radiating elements sharing a common backplane and enclosure. The antenna has been designed for use in PCI applications and can be mounted either to an office desktop or office partition top rail.

The complete package dimensions are 5.5" x 3.1" x 1". The antenna has an integral 80" coax pigtail terminated with two mmcx connectors. ...


S2403BPX Special Purpose Omni

2.400-2.500 GHz Special Purpose Omni Antenna

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Laird Technologies' S2403BPX is an excellent choice for providing superior omnidirectional coverage in warehouses, auditoriums, shopping malls, industrial complexes and more. Standard models of the antenna are white in color. This antenna is rugged enough to withstand harsh outdoor environments while being attractive enough for indoors installations. Installation options include ...


S2406BFNM Omnidirectional Collinear Array

2.4-2.5 GHz, 8 dBi High Gain Omnidirectional Collinear Array

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Laird Technologies' S2406BPNF adds a direct fixed N male connectorized version to our suite of high performance omnidirectional collinear antennas.

The fixed N male connector allows users to mount the antenna directly to any access point or NEMA enclosure that is connectorized with an N female connector. The antenna incorporates all of the performance features, ...


S5153WBPX Wide-Band Omni

5.150-5.875 GHz Wide-Band Omni Antenna

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Laird Technologies' S5153WBPX omni antenna provides wide-band and high-gain performance in the 5.150 to 5.875 GHz band. The antenna is designed to be both aesthetically complimentary to indoor environments and robust enough for the most demanding outdoor environments. These characteristics give system integrators a single antenna that can be used in a wide variety of and point-to-multipoint ...

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S24513BPX Dual Band Omni

2.4-2.5 & 4.9-5.9 GHz Dual-Band Omni Antenna

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Laird Technologies' S24513BPX antenna offers full band coverage over 802.11b/a/g and includes all of the hardware required to mount either indoors or outdoors. The antenna's no compromise performance will allow the user to achieve all of the performance he would expect of a single band radio system in a dual band radio. While many dual band antennas are a compromise between the two ...


2.5 dBi Omnidirectional Ceiling Mount Antenna

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The SL2402P antenna offers characteristics that one normally expects from much larger antennas, offering "no compromise" performance in an attractive small package. The SL2402P, 2.5 dBi omnidirectional ceiling mount antenna is designed for use in the ISM band from 2400-2500 MHz. The antenna dimensions are only 2" x 2" x 0.7".

Since the antenna's omnidirectional pattern is very uniform and symmetrical, it is perfectly suited to ...