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Ferrite Common Mode Chokes

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Common Mode Chokes - Ultra High Current Power Filtering


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Laird Technologies' ultra high current CM chokes provide small form factor, high performance, and economical power filtering for common mode noise in applications up to 75 amps. Multi-line, surface mount filters provide EMI suppression for groups of conductors like power traces and high-speed data lines. Effective filtering into the GHz range


Common Mode Chokes - Low Frequency Power Filtering

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This common mode chokes construction provides for a more lean and cost saving approach then comparable larger, heavier, wire-wound toroidal inductors. This part provides excellent low frequency attenuation of common mode noise, within the frequencies of 100 kHz and 25 MHz. This part is great for power supply filtering, and other low frequency applications.


Common Mode Chokes - Signal Filtering


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These chokes exhibit superior impedance performance well into the 100 kHz range and below. The internal construction of these chokes are of the wound toroidal fashion. They use a large number of cable pairs twisted or non-twisted. This configuration reduces RFI and cross talk associated with balanced wires found in most common chokes. With typical peak impedances ranging from 2 kohms to 13 kohms in the frequency ranges of 18 to 80 MHz these ...


Wound Common Mode Chokes - High Speed Signal Filtering


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Laird Technologies' wound Common Mode Chokes provide excellent filtering capabilities for workload speeds of 25 to 480 Mb/s. Series 05 Common Mode Chokes handle filtering for bandwidth-hungry data lines in USB 2.0 designs. By using these parts on the data lines (D+ and D-), they will suppress common mode noise without affecting the integrity of the differential signal. Available in package size EIA 0805.

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Swoosh EMI CMX1211

Wire-Wound Power Common Mode Chokes


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  • Stable performance under load bias and high reliability
  • High suppression of asymmetric interferences at both low and high frequency
  • Operation temperature: -40°C to 125°C (Including self-heating)
  • Custom designs on request


  • Interferences suppression of common mode noise
  • Power line filter
  • Switch-mode power ...

Common Mode Chokes


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Laird Technologies’ current compensated surface mount chokes for controller area networks (CAN-Bus) in automotive and industrial controls applications.


Common Mode Arrays - Power and Signal EMI Filtering


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Laird Technologies' advanced family of common mode choke arrays provides EMI filtering for both power and data lines all in one part. The product is available from 4 lines up to 8 lines and is effective for power line filtering, USB, Firewire, 10T, 100T, RJ11/45, and Gigabit. Designed to maximize signal integrity.