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Diversity Antennas

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2.4 GHz Spatial Diversity Directional Antenna


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This spatial diversity directional antenna package offers two 6.5 dBi patch antennas in one easy to install assembly. Total package size is only 6.5" x 4.75" x 0.8". The standard antenna comes with 12" coax pigtail and N female connector. The antenna can be customized to include unique Part 15 connectors with various coax pigtail lengths. Offices, Healthcare facilities, educational and industrial campuses and shopping malls are just a few of ...


S4903WDS Diversity Squint Antenna

5 GHz Wide Band Integrated Spatial Diversity Antenna

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Laird Technologies' new S4903WDS antenna offers 5 GHz wide band integrated spatial diversity. The antenna provides frequency band coverage from 4.9 GHz-5.875 GHz for 802.11a. The antenna is designed to support 802.11a diversity radios providing both ports and both radiators from one diminutive, easy to install antenna package. The S4903WDS joins the world renowned S2402DS36RTN as ...


Dual-Feed Polarization-Diversity Patch Antenna

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This high-performance wall-mounted linear patch array provides a focused pattern in both the horizontal and vertical plane to meet especially demanding signal-path conditions. Specifically, the directional pattern provides added signal strength for improved penetration, while dual polarization fights off the signal-disrupting effects of multipath. These two important characteristics go hand-in-hand to make the S5728HVP a perfect choice for ...


S24493DS Dual Band Diversity Antenna

Dual band, tri-mode 802.11 B/A/G
Spatial Diversity Omnidirectional Antenna

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Laird Technologies' new S24493DS36RTN antenna offers the system integrator a spatial diversity antenna system that will accommodate all applications and modes in both the 2.4-2.5 GHz and 5.15-5.875 GHz bands. This one diminutive aesthetically neutral package covers every single-band and multi-band multi-mode application that you might be confronted with ...


S5157WPAK Spatial Diversity Antenna

5.15 - 5.875 GHz Wide Band Integrated Diversity Antenna

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Don't trust your business critical networking requirements to anything but the best. Laird Technologies' S5157WPAK antenna kit provides system integrators with an easy to deploy full band width spatial diversity antenna system. The antenna system is a perfect solution to support high density 802.11a system applications. Coverage areas are very uniform and symmetrical. As such ...