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Clips, Washer, Tape etc.

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Product image - Channel Clip On

Channel Clip-on Gaskets

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Laird Technologies offers the channel clip-on gasket, providing users with the ease of a clip-on mounting channel adaptable to a variety of gasket materials. Channel clip-on material is stainless steel 304.

Product  image - Electroground  Emi Washers

ElectroGround EMI Washers


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For applications requiring a resilient grounding medium with vibration dampening capabilities, Laird Technologies now manufactures a knitted wire washer. Designed for use in compression or rotary applications, these washers can be made in a variety of sizes and Shapes The interlocking loop structure of the fine wire mesh in the compressed washer shape acts as a spring. The force of that spring is controlled by varying the washer material ...

Product Image- Electromesh Tape

Electromesh Tape EMI shielding


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Laird Technologies ElectroMesh tape has a double layered strip of knitted wire mesh to provide effective EMI shielding and grounding for electrical and electronic cable assemblies.

It is particularly useful in applications where the need for EMI protection is determined after cable assembly is complete and standard braided cable jackets cannot be used. The flexible structure of the ElectroMesh Tape permits it to conform to irregular ...

Product image - Ultrasoft Knit

Ultrasoft Knit EMI Gaskets


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Laird Technologies UltraSoft Knit EMI gasket material consists of a metalized nylon yarn knit over a flame retardant UL 94 HF-1 low density foam polyester core material. The close-knit stitch of the metalized nylon provides a highly effective EMI shield, as well as a smooth, soft surface that will not abrade plated plastic interfaces.