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Microwave Absorbing Elastomers

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QZorb RFSB - Product Image

Q-ZORB RFSB - Single Band Absorber

Q-Zorb RFSB absorbers are resonantly tuned to discrete frequencies between 500MHz and 100GHz. They are designed to reduce energy reflections off of a conductive ground plane by >99% (-20dB) at normal angles of incidence. The performance is based upon the principle of phase cancellation by the incident energy reflection being out of phase with the ground plane reflection. Other materials or combinations of attributes are available.

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QZorb RFSW - Product Image

Q-ZORB RFSW - Surface Wave Absorbers

Q-Zorb RFSW surface wave absorbers are thin, magnetically loaded elastomeric sheets designed to provide attenuation at high angles of incidence for surface wave attenuation. They are nominally manufactured in the thickness range of 0.015" to 0.125" (0.4 mm to 3.2 mm). They are elastomer-based with a variety of choices available. For example, silicone is chosen for high-temperature applications, nitrile for fuel and oil resistance and natural rubber for commercial applications. Several magnetic fillers are available; carbonyl iron powder is standard, but other materials such as iron silicide (FeSi) are used for corrosion resistant applications. The materials are available in UL fire retardant versions for use in commercial devices. ...

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